What not to do on facebook

Well Social network has become a part of our life, every half an hour everyone wants to check the updates, if the updates are not there, smartly click on Facebook logo to check new updates, Yeah a friend has updated where was this important piece of information. We need to know that, we sometimes forget everyone is connected, family is on Facebook, and your colleagues are there. A piece of information written can sometimes cause a horror for you; don’t know how a person might interpret a piece of information. These days people may make a picture of you in their mind set by the updates you have on social network and it can affect your personal and professional life

Following are some of the situations to avoid and mistakes we have done that needs to be avoided for those desperate Facebook users,

 Facebook Search Bar and update bar look alike

Think of a situation you are searching for your ex profile and by mistake write on your status his or her name, I am genius Yeah in 2 seconds I delete my status but what will you do about those notifications sent to your friends about your status update. And some of us the smart ones are even smarter they don’t even delete the status update coz they don’t realize that they have typed on the status bar. Good Job let’s wait till your present Girl friend or boy friend brings some hell for you.

Next time you search then be cautious J learn the difference. And don’t be so desperate you stalker.

Mr. / Miss Popular

More the no. of friends more popular you are Oh This guy has 500 friends, GONE are those days it’s very childish. Oh Cute Girl image ok send a friend request. Oh girl has sent me a request ACCEPT IT.

I am telling you soon you will see a lot of nude content being posted on your profile, spam status updates etc. Unless you know a person, DON’T accept the request.

Safest for those desperate Facebook friend finders start with a message chat, once you accept a person’s friend request you give rights to the person to do a lot of things on your profile.

Facebook my Momma my Dada

Well Facebook has become a important part of our lives , Yes I will update when I sleep, when I have that cup of coffee , when I am heading towards office, when I am having my first date with not finalized girl friend, when  I am sad, when I am happy, yes when I feel that person is dead so everybody needs to know that I am very sad about that, and it’s not over Yes I am very Beautiful when I have a pimple I should tell everyone that I HAD ONE , NO BODY IS INTERESTEDIN THAT , DON’T be so much addicted have some sense everything done till a certain level looks good. You don’t have to tell your FACEBOOK Momma or Dada everything. You can be a laughing stock of the people one day.

Desperate for friends

Well I am very desperate for friends yes go to a friend’s profile be a stalker check the friend list send a friend request to all the good looking ones BECAUSE you are on friend’s profile you have the right to do so.


Sensible Facebook people, yes I am stalking this guy or girl for so many days I should send him a friend request. Yes here it goes ADD FRIEND.

I am telling you it’s not so cool to be desperate, once you click that ADD FRIEND button it’s gone out and you can’t do anything about it. Person will see a notification that ABC has sent a request and WHO IN THE HELL is this ABC?

And there are those cautious ones also those by mistake clicks a add friend button because they were spying on a friend list through there SMART PHONE and they didn’t knew that there touch is very sensitive and here it goes that ADD FRIEND REQUEST.

That Superstar Selfie or million Dollar click

Photo Credit: Raghbir Singh (This one is a million dollar click)

Photo Credit: Raghbir Singh (This one is a million dollar click and he has not tagged Everyone , just liked this image so posted)

These days everybody is clicking a lot or Million dollar clicks and yes I am superstar I should click my Selfie in that Hotel Washroom and (another and ) I have to Tag my whole friend List , DON’T DO THAT

Tagging everyone is not so cool, nobody wants you to tag them in all pictures unless you are @mrpopularsuperstar and want to tag lot of other superstars and you want notifications on everyone’s profile Mr. SO and SO Is tagged in a photo uploaded by another SO AND SO
And Tagging is sometimes not that reliable also, Yes I am a pretty Girl I should tag a my photo I by mistake tagged a GUY I was stalking all day

I am stalking whole day from my new phone Facebook app because you were searching so much about that guy It will come on top of that tag list you might end up tagging him, yes you can’t figure out the way to untag from that app coz there is no untag button on your APP (Facebook never felt a need to add that feature). And I have seen LOT OF BRANDS committing the same mistake tagging people by mistake on their updates well technology is like that not to get into that,

SMARTPHONE USERS ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO UNTAG from your phone APP you have to use desktop version of FACEBOOK be cautious.

I DON’T HAVE ANY WORK TO DO (Desperate Commenter) I will win a trophy

Well you seem to be the friends will a lot of people and yes you have a Smartphone and you can comment the whole day whenever someone updates, you have to comment on that the next second, THAT’S NOT COOL always think is it necessary for you to comment on a certain Facebook post. Does that make sense at all? Think over it and as you have all the time in the world and data packages are cheap these days you can comment afterwards. It’s not a war out there. The best you will get a like on your comment coz person has to respect you or even better. You will get HMMM on that award winning comment.
Think before you comment not immediate maybe after 1 hour so that person may think that you are a busy guy and have a lot of work and you have just checked your notifications and timeline updates so you came along this very important update and you commented.

I am always online on desktop and mobile Yeah

Privacy is really something you don’t want your mistakes becoming a problem for you. You like your friends Girl friend profile a lot because she is fun, going out on different locations, yeah funny images, pretty selfies, Beautiful Mani Pedi done images Its fun, you have to stalk her, for GOD sake if you can’t change yourself log out before you get off your desktop or laptop or close window at least you are not sitting on her page, you don’t want your GF to come and see you stalking that person. Because you admire that person for qualities, will she takes that reason? This goes for all those Facebook users in offices don’t waste your time in office and everything is being monitored. People can see your activity on the right tab.

Friend Request Revisited (after I am always online)

You are having a private discussion with your partner, yes you liked that guy or you liked that girl, we never came together It was just a crush. Life moves smoothly

And some day your profile is open person click that activity Log yeah you sent a Friend Request to that person and it was pending you never came together, you tried from your side idiot. And you have sent a couple of messages also what does that mean. And a lot of crap

Difference between Commenting and message chat

Lot of people don’t understand the difference between commenting and message chat or they are so busy commenting that they forget that all the friends are able to see your HAPPY CHAT that started on Facebook status or update, and if you are lucky you will be awarded with a gift comment by your girl friend YOU SAID you are working in the office, and may be even lucky ones have bosses In their friend list, and that’s the reason you sit late in office

Differentiate between commenting and message chat. World is watching you.


You can make your life easy by doing some privacy setting to your Facebook profile but don’t waste so much time on Facebook there is some life out of this online virtual world.

Youtube Hidden Snake Game

Have you ever played You Tube Snake game , don’t know if youtube knew visitors will be waiting so long waiting for the video to load get bored I discovered this when I was just clicking up and down when waiting for the video to load


To start the same open any video on youtube while the video is loading/buffering or when the video is paused sometimes and press up and down Key your snake is ready to eat the mouse ,


You are able to play the game sometimes even when the video is playing .

Its just a bullshit game but frankly I play it all the time


Facebook Smileys

I don’t know how useful this post will be for the users a most of the users will be using Facebook from there handheld devices and they have access to a lot of types of post tools and smileys but still for the users who still needs to know different types of smileys here is the list

Smiley Name Shortcut
smile smile :-) :) :] =)
frown frown :-( :( :[ =(
gasp gasp :-O :O :-o :o
grin grin :-D :D =D
tongue tongue :-P :P :-p :p =P
wink wink ;-) ;)
curlylips curly lips :3
kiss kiss :-* :*
shark grumpy >:( >:-(
glasses glasses 8-) 8) B-) B)
sunglasses sunglasses 8-| 8| B-| B|
upset upset >:O >:-O >:o >:-o
confused confused o.O O.o
shark shark (^^^)
pacman pacman :v
squint squint -_-
angel angel O:) O:-)
devil devil 3:) 3:-)
unsure unsure :/ :-/ :\ :-\
cry cry :'(
putnam Chris Putnam :putnam:
robot robot :|]
heart heart <3
kiki kiki ^_^
42 42 :42:
penguin penguin <(“)
poop-smiley poop :poop:

If you know any other smileys, please add the same to the comment box we will add the same in the list.

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