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Google Restructured , Big Shots of Google Restructured – ALPHABET

Well Google being controlled by a parent company Alphabet  don’t know its the right move or not but its always good to grow

I was curious about the talk about Alphabet here is what Larry Page the CEO has to say

Google has been in our life since childhood and has become a part of it , some over type the name of the website they want on google to open the link of the same

Really Excited about the move of Google

Check out the Big shots of Google

ALPHABET - New Google , Big Shots
ALPHABET – New Google , Big Shots

iCPooch — Internet Pet Treat Delivery & Video Chat

Well I just came along this cool new invention iCPooch — Internet Pet Treat Delivery & Video Chat, Its one of the Kids Started Project. Good That kids are thinking innovative , they are amazing , This product has come from 14 years old girl, God Bless her, but seriously I don’t think that I will buy this product for my dog , kids are in a growing stage they should not be finding solutions on keeping away from the family / pet , Kids you can’t replace yourself by Technology, think if your parents install a food vending machine for you with a screen, every day when you come back home they will just send you a video message or its recorded for you once a month and its played same every day,  will you be happy ? You will not even bother looking at the video.

If you can’t take care of the pet ask your parents to take care of him / her. Or give it to people who can give your pet some love.

Coming to the operational aspect of this product , well my dog will definitely break it, he will get excited by my voice and when he will see me from iCPooch, he will try to jump on it lick it and try to find a physical touch from this device and will break it.

To conclude It’s a nice design, and a innovation but my only concern is when you bring a family member into a family you should give him or her some time, If anyone is planning to use this product as a alternative to physical presence and time. Please don’t do that there is a lot of other things that a pet deserves other than treats. But in extreme cases We can say “Something is better than nothing ” Its good that somebody through of it