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Google Restructured , Big Shots of Google Restructured – ALPHABET

Well Google being controlled by a parent company¬†Alphabet ¬†don’t know its the right move or not but its always good to grow

I was curious about the talk about Alphabet here is what Larry Page the CEO has to say

Google has been in our life since childhood and has become a part of it , some over type the name of the website they want on google to open the link of the same

Really Excited about the move of Google

Check out the Big shots of Google

ALPHABET - New Google , Big Shots
ALPHABET – New Google , Big Shots

Youtube Hidden Snake Game

Have you ever played You Tube Snake game , don’t know if youtube knew visitors will be waiting so long waiting for the video to load get bored I discovered this when I was just clicking up and down when waiting for the video to load


To start the same open any video on youtube while the video is loading/buffering or when the video is paused sometimes and press up and down Key your snake is ready to eat the mouse ,


You are able to play the game sometimes even when the video is playing .

Its just a bullshit game but frankly I play it all the time